Reviewing: Skip Beat

I honestly love this anime. I’m still trying to find the time to get started on the manga. I cannot fathom how much I love this anime. It has amazing plot, the characters are so real, and the character growth is strong. I watched this anime 4 times.

Kyoko displayed here

Kyoko before her change

It’s starts off with a plain old girl who just wants to love. All she ever did was love Fuwa shotaro (her childhood friend). She loved him so much that she gave her life to him. She dropped out of high school just to move in with him to take care of things. She was such a fan of him too. She would literally work so hard to support him. She got all his records, all his posters, and all his merchandise. Sho was aspiring to be a pop star/actor. Sho was actually a good man at first but later on things changed. In my opinion, I think the fame got to him. Especially when he started treating the main character like she’s nothing. He started giving her less attention, communicating less, giving her orders/commanding her, not caring about her. It started to get sad really fast.

One day, main character was bringing a takeout from her job as an excuse to go see him at his office, and that’s where main character found out that Sho doesn’t like her anymore. In fact, not all. While eavesdropping Sho’s conversation with his manager in his office, he mentioned something about using her, that she wasn’t anything to him, and that she is flat chested so there is no possible way he could like her anyways. This struck a nerve in the main character. She sacrificed so much just to be with him. And all she get is dirt? At last, she got fed up and declared her revenge to this man and was kicked out of his office shortly after.


Kyoko displayed here

Kyoko after her change 😀

Kyoko is just a hardworking adult teenager who started off giving her life to the man she loved, Fuwa Shotaro. She works multiple jobs just to make a living; cooks, and clean for Sho just to stay by his side. She was so sensitive and cries a lot. When she was younger, she dealt with a narcissistic mother who only cared about perfect results. That really messed up her childhood. I don’t know perhaps that is why she is very sensitive but all she ever did was obey orders and do as she was told. After Sho’s betrayal, Kyoko changes her look and begins her new life with aspiring to enter the showbiz to actually pursue her revenge towards Sho just as she promised. Kyoko is my favorite character. She is very strong, hardworking, pretty, nice, also mean, and caring. In the first episode, it shows that a chests is being opened after Sho starts going hard on his opinion of her which ends up unlocking all keys that were locked. I believe what this is trying to portray is that Sho has unlocked her other side. Perhaps crazy side. After this transformation, she has become way more hardworking, a lot more vigilant, less sensitive, goal orientated, and tough. I love her new side. Her previous self was a lot more babyish and easy to be manipulated.

Fuwa Shotaro 

Sho_in_the_PS2_Game  I hate this character the most. He is a self-absorbed, self-entitled, narcissistic, rude bastard. So much synonyms I could name this guy. The only thing he’s got going for him is his looks because his attitude and personality is trash. Girls love him because he’s a rock(/pop star?) star and pretends to be really nice.  He started off being Kyoko’s childhood friend who offered kyoko to come with him to Tokyo so he could pursue his dreams. He later on betrays kyoko saying that all she is was a maid to him. He uses others as a stepping stone for his success. His rival is Ren Tsuruga. He tries everything in his power to surpass him.

As usual, Kyoko works many jobs to keep herself going and earn money. She moved out of the apartment that she used to live in with Sho and moved in to a room at noodle shop she works at. She begins by getting herself familiar with an opposing company to Sho’s to get started with her career. She works endlessly trying to persuade people to get an audition so people can see her act.  She joins the love me section to work her way up from the bottom. After all, if she cant get exactly what she wants, so she might as well get get something. And that’s one of the reasons I liked about this anime. It didn’t just let her get what she wanted. It was so realistic. They showed how hard she had to work and how good her talent can get her. It even showed people who lost, people who had connections with others to get what they want, and people who trample over others to get what they want. It’s basically real life. If you wont push hard, then you can’t do it. If you live a life of luxury with lot of connections, there is a high chance you will get somewhere. And if you are nothing with hardly any skill, then you wont get anything.

This anime gives lessons. It kind of gives a glimpse on what it’s like to have a manipulative boyfriend, what it is like to be in the showbiz, and what it is like to grieve over someone. Also, what it is like to work hard and push forward to achieve success without trampling over others.

When kyoko got to audition to LME, she was rivaled against so many girls for one part of a commercial or some sort. It some short clip, I’m not really sure if it was some show. But she landed an audition. She ended up loosing but she is met with this other women she had to compete with where they later became friends. This other women ended up losing the audition as well and had to work at the Love me section to bring herself up.

It was so funny because Kyoko  wanted her to be there with her so bad. She was so happy to finally have a friend who would be working with her. It didn’t matter that they were a little bit rivals, what matter was that someone else was in her position and that this someone else became her true friend.



342045 I love Kanae too. She isn’t really like Kyoko but she is very truthful and honest. She is blunt and has a sharp tongue. Later on after losing LME audition, she and kyoko worked together at love me section to do minor jobs as a starting point for their career. Kanae didn’t really like Kyoko at first. I suppose it was because of her bubbly personality and her naivety that turned her away, but Kanae wasn’t for her. She tried avoiding her and kind of ignoring her so she can work on her own life. She later became fascinated with Kyoko’s skill and ambition and softened on her becoming good friends with her. It was very hard for Kanae to make friends too because of her blunt personality and sharp verbal expressions. She, too, found Kyoko to be a gem of a friend.

You know, I am definitely forgetting an important character in this anime. There is someone else who needs recognition. And that person is Ren. Kyoko had many reasons to not like Ren.  Nothing that had to do with his personality or anything *cough* *cough*. Honestly Kyoko cannot keep guard down around Ren. He’s really nice but he has this fierce tiger personality that kind of messes with people. He isn’t self-centered or narcissistic or anything. He’s just kind of two faced sometimes. Not in a bad way, more like a bi-polar way. He is always teasing Kyoko, and he is in charge of giving Kyoko points for her progress in the Love Me Section.

Ren Tsuruga 



Ren is a nice character. He is just as hardworking as Kyoko. He doesn’t really look or act the part, but he loves acting. He takes it very seriously and he devotes his all to his work. He has trouble finding partners and he has never been in love before. In fact, he has never had a kiss before either. He doesn’t understand love so when he started to develop feelings for Kyoko, he couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t just the age difference that confused him, it was also his heart and mentality that played a bigger role in that aspect. He enjoys teasing Kyoko and giving her low points for her remarks. He also was in charge of forming Kyoko into a good actor. He would give her advice sometimes and get disappointed when he hears how ambitious Kyoko is in acting just so she can get her revenge. He also has this lovely manager who is very nice; who tends to look after Ren when Ren is too busy to look after himself. Lot of people feel very conflicted about Ren because Ren does not trust people. He tends to be a bit hard on people in a nice way. He says something so hurtful in the most nicest and sweetest way possible. Basically he smiles and acts like what he is saying is coming out nice. Yet, what he says be dreadful if he said it exactly how really he felt. He’s very popular for his acting though. Girls like him not only for his looks but his personality. He acts like Shotaro except his isn’t an act. Ren IS nice. I feel like Sho copies Ren so he can try to surpass him.

Overall, this anime has a good ring too. I really loved Ren’s manager too. He was very nice. He was way more nice than Ren. He did everything as a manager to get Ren going everyday. He even entrusted some management to Kyoko. Where she worked hard to get everything Ren needs and look after him. I also think that Ren’s manager is his best friend. He’s probably the only person he could trust. Not fully of course, but more than anyone else. Manager is very professional with his words and tries to get Ren to push a little foward with Kyoko. Deep inside, you can tell that manager ships him and Kyoko together.

Yashiro the manager displayed here

Yashiro Yukihito – Ren’s manager ❤

There was also this girl in the anime that I have completely forgotten. She was actually really important to the Kyoko’s character plot. She was honestly such a bully. I found her cute but very annoying sometimes. She would mess with people and she was very dark at first. She ended up loving Kyoko after Kyoko read a script during some class thing (I don’t really remember much what it was) which made her kind of understand the girls feelings towards her father. It was like she hated him and stuff but that wasn’t the case. Still though, the girl was very cute. She was just masking her personality under a dark presence. Also, I believe Kyoko could kind of relate to the little girl with her past. Kyoko grieves her mother even though she really loves her. I can see that Kyoko has a peculiar relationship with her mother.


Maria Takarada – the little girl

Fast forwarding far into the anime, there is this episode (which is my favorite episode) where Kyoko kind of gets to avenge against Sho in his commercial. That episode had me on edge because Sho started become skeptical about Kyoko’s appearance. It was infuriating to know that Sho couldn’t even recognize her at first. I understand that Kyoko changed her hair and acts completely different than she used to, but that doesn’t mean her face changed. I was also a bit revealed to know that Kyoko could keep this act for a bit longer. She needed to achieve what she came for, so it’s best for her to be completely different than what Sho is used to.

Anyways,  she volunteered to be the villain against Sho in the commercial. I loved it. She showed him that she can act way better than he thinks she can. She, along with this other girl, were supposed to be angels while Sho is the devil. So, one of the angels have to attack the devil. Right when Kyoko stepped out of her dressing room with full makeup and costume on, Shotaro’s mouth dropped. He has never seen Kyoko so beautiful. I just loved how she could rub it all in his face.



Kyoko as an angel

Kyoko was never able to wear makeup before and she never prettied her self up either. So anytime she chance she gets to make herself look nice, she takes it. And when she does, she looks absolutely amazing.

As good as Kyoko could act in the rest of the commercial, the particular part where Kyoko had to attack Sho was challenging. She had choked him once, almost hurt him another time, she couldn’t do it right. She just enjoyed having the upper hand. Luckily she was able to call her only friend, Kanae, to kind of give her some advice on how to get her act right. Her acting then flourished into something so beautiful that Sho couldn’t even think.


Angel A and B. (The other girl is the second angel)


In conclusion, I love this anime and I hope a second season comes out. I will forward myself to the manga and expand my interest there.

I give this anime a 9.8.

9/10 characters (Sho kinda ruined it lel.)

10/10 character growth

10/10 story/pot

9.7/10 art

10/10 relevancy

10/10 ending


Hopefully you’ll find this anime good too.




Reviewing: Wolf in the house (S1)

[Warning: it’s a yaoi manhwa]

I immediately fell in love with this manhwa after an accident on another manhwa section. Someone accidentally posted one chapter of this manhwa to the other one and I became intrigued. I wish other manga’s did that. It would be like promoting other mangas. (lol)

The story begins with the main character Minsuk trying to move on from his ex that just broke up with him recently. They were on and off for 10 years getting no where. Minsuk felt that he was free and that he finally escaped from this on and off madness. So he decided to do something new for a change. His ex did not like animals and he thought maybe he can finally, possibly adopt a new pet. As he was looking online, he saw that a pet at a nearby shelter wanted a new owner. He thought it was cute. He almost changed his mind until he remembered that he can do whatever he wants since he is no longer with his ex anymore. And so that is how Minsuk met Bexan.


Minsuk and Bexan

Minsuk and Bexan ❤

Minsuk is just an average korean male writer he preferably gay. He makes a living by freelance writing. He likes to follow principles and he doesn’t like to get into drama. He’s a very sweet guy. He tries to be respectful, he loves to go out sometimes, he has weird taste in food, and he is very clean. As in his late 20’s he still isn’t married. So his mother tries to hook him up with other women and passes by his house to see him when she can. He still hasn’t gone out of the closet so his mom doesn’t know he likes men. This is also relevant to his mom perhaps not knowing about his 10-year relationship. I’m sure it was fairly easy to hide, too, considering that his ex was in a similar situation as him.


Bexan in his human form

Bexan in his human form

Bexan is a half-dog half-human Siberian creature. Originally from Sibera but born in Korea. That’s probably why he understand korean anyways. As he was younger, he was also looking for a special someone to accept the way he is. He turns human at night, but stays in his Siberian husky form during the day. It’s probably due to the moon. When the sun is less prevalent, he gets to stay in his human form. He loves burger Queen, he’s pretty much a joker, he’s messy sometimes, and he acts all mighty. Honestly if he didn’t act tough all of the time, he wouldn’t be getting into a lot of mess. I thought perhaps he could fight, but that wasn’t the case.

This Manhwa was very funny. The way the artist pop out the character’s eyes, their expressions, they conversations, even text language! It was really funny when Minsuk saw Bexan in human form. He thought this man broke in and stole/or killed his dog. He was ready to call the cops, if it weren’t for some proof Bexan brought up. In the end it became very clear that he was indeed Bexan when it became morning after the sun arose.

The thing is, Bexan wanted to go to Sibera. He wanted to see other werewolves like him. Thats why at the begining of the story, Bexan kept trying to leave Minsuk to travel alone to Sibera. Being the nice, sensible man Minsuk is, he kept chasing him back telling him that it isn’t easy to travel as a dog. He wanted to make sure that Bexan felt/knew it was right and to plan how to get there. He even let him use his laptop. (Yes, he ended up messing up some of his keys. I mean he’s gotta research in dog form too, you know.)

The story progressed a bit until this bully started bullying Bexan online. Bexan became very popular online when he started posting his dog pictures. As a fan of a popular dog model, Pablo, this bully started calling him a Pablo wannabee. And this leads us to our next character, Diesel.

Diesel (Also a werewolf)

Diesel in his human form

Diesel in his Human form

Diesel was born in Germany along with his owner Lee. I don’t know when they met, but it was only revealed that they were originally from Germany. Diesel is also a Siberian husky who transform into a human at night. He likes a bit of a fight, he can kill someone if he has too, and his his agility is a top-notch as equivalent to a wolf. We are first introduced to this character after he bullies Bexan online. As tough as he may seem, this man is still with his owner, Lee, who killed his past lover a long time ago. It was slowly revealed in Lee’s introduction of Diesel, but later on Diesel explains the situation very clear. So, in my opinion I think he is still soft. He is claiming on to the last person he can trust. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of Diesel attempting to kill Lee. But he never actually goes through with it.

Siberian Diesel

Diesel in Siberian husky form.

Lee Ein



Originally from Germany, this man seems very professional, and chivalrous. He is very smart and loves Diesel. He could not bare to see him go when the sun rises. Every time Diesel is ready to transform back into a dog, Lee feels hurt like he is going to lose him. He even mentioned that it was like Diesel disappears during the day. It was like it’s just a plain dog and nothing more during the day.  He is also the one who took Diesel’s lover’s life away. It was actually for a self-defense reasoning. This werewolf or whatever was going to endanger his life so he had to eliminate him. I know Lee isn’t a killer so it had to be for a good reason anyways.



Every one pretty much became friends after the bullying incidents. They actually worked together too. I really loved how Bexan and Diesel acted like best buds. Sometimes Bexan would take him out to BurgerQueen when he felt like it. Sometimes Diesel would help Bexan when he needed it. It was so cute. Everything was so pretty. EXCEPT for the ex.

God, this man was so annoying. Let me go find his name real quick so we can have a bit of a chat about this guy. 😐

Min Yongjae

5 This man may look like a golden specimen but please do not be fooled. Besides his good looks and his frequent visits to the gym, this man is very controlling. He left Minsuk loads of times to pursue his own interests. He even tried coming back to together with Minsuk AFTER BREAKING UP with him just for Minsuk to be by his side for his own reasons! He is very persistent, he doesn’t know when to let go, and he thinks fully about himself. Literally no one thinks far of Minsuk’s wish and well-being than Bexan. They never showed how this man looked like until he tried to seduce Minsuk later in the story. For this, I don’t like him. He even does this face that’s the opposite of a puppy face. It’s basically charming face. Which almost always gets Minsuk! (He wonders himself why he always falls for that.)

So many times Yongjae would harrass Minsuk. Not like literally but like in a stalkish way. He would come over is house uninvited, follow him, ambush him, you name it. Since he’s much stronger than him (and a Seme) he usually can easily pin him to the wall over Minsuk’s control.

I like this Pablo dog though. He sometimes appear throughout the story but we never get a glimpse of how he really looks like. He just looks like a chihuahua. It was revealed during one time when he confronted Minsuk being harrased by Yongjae in his human form. It was a little scary seeing two, big men in suits (Pablo’s bodyguards) grabbing Yongjae away. Then their boss Pablo, so short, pops up telling Minsuk that he wants to talk to him.


Pablo in human form

Pablo is Mexian; he reveals that his chihuahua race originates from Mexico. Probably why he looks a bit tanned here.


Oh by the way, in case you were wondering if this is bestiality, it’s not. Once Bexan or Diesel is in dog form, they are treated as dogs. In fact, they completely act like dogs anyways lol. Once they are in human form, they are human. You gotta remember, they are half-dog half-human. Like werewolves normally are.



In conclusion I give this manhwa a 8.9

10/10 Characters

?/10 Character growth

8.5/10 storyline/plot (I wouldn’t compare this to killing stalking or Royal Servant. Those are still bombshells. They represent what a good story can be).

10/10 art

?/10 ending

I would totally follow up with this anime to the end. It’s still ongoing, you know?

If you’d like to support the artist, go right ahead:





Parasyte -the maxim-

Honestly when I first saw this anime, I immediately felt interested in it. I felt like it was going to be a dark anime. And that was enough to get me to watch it. In the first episode of the anime, we are greeted with a nerd character in an ordinary home with ordinary parents. The action immediately starts when a little slug like insect starts penetrating the boys arm in an attempt to take over his brain. Main character freaking out thinking it’s a snake, he blocks the circulation of his arm to the rest of his body screaming as loud as he can to his demise. Just as his parents come barging in, the unique creature disappears into his arm. Usually, parasytes must possess the brain to actively control the body. Once they do this they can blend in with the human race and do whatever they need to do.

And that was the end of the sweet life the main character had before that slug appeared.

There was a lot of progress in this anime. The main character was able to start going out with the girl he liked, he was able to get stronger, he was able to grow as a person. Not only the main character, but the unique created that entered his body as well. There was a lot of growth and I really liked it. And also I found that there were times where the parasytes acted more like humans than the humans themselves. It started getting more scary at the end to be honest.

I’m going to start off by talking about my favorite character, Migi.


65262-1532336916 The unique character that entered the main character’s arm was later named Migi. (Migi’s kind don’t really care for names. It’s not important to them.) Anyways, Migi was the best character in the anime, in my opinion. At first he seemed like an apathetic creature with no regard to human life. But because he was part of the main character’s arm, he got to see a different perspective of his own and I think this is what warped him to becoming a good “person”. Most of the time he would just protect things around him if it endangered the main character for his own purpose, but deep inside I knew that he cared about the main character. There was a time that he could have left the main character to die, but he decided he would save him instead with not only just saving him, but giving him some of his life support which weakened him. It made the main character a lot more impressive though. Migi’s kind is also very intelligent. He learns fairly quick, and he has amazing fighting ability. His kind uses logic over emotions so when he wants to get things done, he gets things done.

Shinichi (Main character)

izumi_shinichi Shinichi was a nice character. He started to change a little bit after he got some of Migi’s power. At first he was just this weak willed character with strong determination. Even though he couldn’t fight, he loved protecting people. He is what people can call “human”. He had full regard to human life. He doesn’t like criminals and he certainly felt appalled to the hearing of parasytes eating other innocents humans and just killing humans with the blank of an eye. After the incident with his mom, he sort of changed. Usually Migi has no emotion. That doesn’t exists in his kind anyways. All the empathy that is within humans is replaced with logic and reasoning. So, because Shinichi was able to possess about 30% of Migi in his blood stream, his logic started increasing and his empathy started decreasing. Sometimes Shinichi finds himself feeling different like he has a gaping hole in his heart.

I really loved Shinichi’s character growth after receiving a little bit of Migi’s power after the mom incident. He became stronger, he became smarter, and he became more of a human too. At first he started acting different that everyone around him could notice his changes. Even the girl he liked. (Which we will touch upon a bit sooner.) Even though he was going through changes, he still tried to his best ability to be like his old self if not better. It was kind of funny when the girl said that he was trying hard to be tough or someone else. When in fact, at the time he was actually trying immensely hard to be like his old self. I really loved the fact that through all what was going on, he was still trying to protect the girl and be with her. It was very hard because she kept getting confused and it was honestly hurting her. (Not that the main character wasn’t hurt either). I liked her character too. She was very sweet, even though she keeps misunderstanding Shinchi. I loved that even through his changes she still liked him. She did get stuck a few times but I loved that she made up her mind and still tried to pursue him.


0c8c2a3a80486383f4e216e8de4db1e86e42a0bb_hq Murano was one of the girl interests in this anime. It almost seemed like a few other girls started to like Shinichi too after his change. Although, that kind of stopped after a new character was introduced who just so happen to be a parasyte. Like many girls, Murano was just an average highschooler who fell in love with a book nerd. She really liked the sweet side of Shinichi. She said that she liked that he was caring. And when Shinichi started to change, Murano felt very conflicted. My favorite line of Murano’s is when she asks, “Are you really shinichi?” This line meant so many things to character plot. Every time she asked that to the time that he kept slowly changing brought information to Shinichi’s character. It was like she wanted to make sure he didn’t become a parasyte/monster or he didn’t become any different than he was before.

Besides Murano, there was another girl who began to have an interest in Shinichi. Almost around the time that Shinichi started changing was the time she started liking him. Shinichi was trying to protect this guy from a bunch of bullies and this girl just so happened to be friends with the leader. I didn’t really like this girl that much. It’s not like she was bratty or self-entitled or anything. It’s just she kept getting her self into situations that caused her danger. It was like she wanted to be the damsel in distress in Shinichi’s story. Although, there is already someone in that position *cough* *cough* (Murano). She was trying way too hard. It was very unpleasant to watch. Shinichi kept trying to push her away only with the thought of her safety in mind. Of course he and Murano were a thing, but this girl kept getting herself into mess and she fathomed and obsessed over the idea of Shinichi being her savior. She thought that even though she would get herself into a mess, Shinichi would save her. And that was the base of her character. I didn’t really like her all that much.


0b4e898013ea36fa0aa27a1f4db7a172 On top of Kana trying so hard to be a damsel in distress, she had the power to sense parasytes. It is a very peculiar power too. She wasn’t a parasyte herself, but this was a power that could bring a lot of danger to herself if she doesn’t keep caution. WHICH SHE DIDN’T of course. Migi insisted Shinichi avoid her because he felt she was dangerous to them. Which she wasn’t physically, but mentally she kind of was. Since she was the only human that could possibly sense Shinichi, in her mind she thought that they were soul mates. That they were destined to be together. The funny part was that it wasn’t only Shinichi that she could sense. It was other parasytes too. She even had this power where if she concentrated/focused so much, she would emit this aura that could be sensed by other parasytes.

I really liked Shinichi’s parents. They were very loving. Especially his mother. In fact, Shinchi started changing a little bit before the mom incident. This was only because his life has changed after acquiring Migi. Shinichi was all about saving humans and eradicating parasytes so he was hiding a lot of things from his parents. It gave great concern to his mother. It was to a point he accidentally disrespected them a bit. Usually it gives him a while to realize and he makes up for it. That’s one of the good qualities that makes Shinichi a good main character. I don’t really want to spoil the mom incident so if you want to know that happened to his mom and what greatly affected Shinichi, I would suggest watching the anime. Not too far just around episode 6 or 7ish. Around that time. Mabye a little ealier, and if not earlier, a little later but not later than episode 8. That should really kind of give a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

There was an interesting character in this anime. She is parasyte but she is very different than other parasytes. I honestly thought she was the most dangerous parasyte in the anime (Which she is a little) but her 360 character growth caught me off gaurd. She started off as the antagonist towards the main character, Shinichi, but ended off as an ally. After around episode 17-18 I started to like her character.


(For convenient and safety sake, she kept changing her name.)

tamura-reiko-parasyte-3 This women was the most confusing character for me in the anime. I didn’t understand her motives. In fact, she didn’t understand herself either. She was highly intelligent because she kept learning things. She even became a teacher at the school that Shinichi goes to. Shinichi was very uncomfortable with her presence. Since he knew she was a parasyte, he feared the danger that could be caused to everyone at school.  Reiko was a very unique type of parasyte. She wasn’t that all interested in eating humans and humans weren’t much of her enemies. After going so far into the anime, I’ve came to realize that she wasn’t as dangerous as she originally was sought out to be. Most of her screen time showed her contemplating why they brought on earth. She wanted to learn humans. It was later observed that she wanted to kind of become human.

After learning a bit about Reiko’s character, I finally understood a little bit more about the parasyte’s kind. They may not have empathy or emotions, but they can obtain them. We start to see this with Migi and Reiko. For Migi, being with a human his whole time on the earth, and Reiko, observing and learning about humans the whole time on the earth.

There is another character who is very similar to Shinichi. Instead of the parasyte getting stuck in his arm, he gets stuck in his mouth. It was very funny how it got stuck there too.

Uda Mamoru & Jaw

 Jaw Uda was a nice character. He works at a hotel baths. He doesn’t really mess with parasytes and he was a weak willed character like shinichi was before his change. Of course, Shinichi wasn’t as bad as him. This man cries a ton! Jaw cannot keep up with his sensitivity sometimes. I liked his parasyte Jaw as well. They were a funny pair. Jaw isn’t as serious as Migi but he’s still strong. If Jaw starts to learn a bit more and catch up to the knowledge that Migi has, he would be a lot more intelligent. Basically how Jaw got there was when he was a little slug, he penetrated Uda scaring Uda causing him to fall of a cliff and plunge into the water. In attempt to save Uda, Jaw decided to control his mouth to pull up out of the water to catch some breath while finding a way to get Uda out of the water. In result of his actions, he got stuck in the mouth region and cannot go any further to the brain. As failure as Migi, I think he still enjoys the amount he got. After all, now that they are a pair they might as well work as a team. I really loved these two.

Towards the end of the anime is where I caught so much feelings. Humans started become like monsters, and monsters(parasytes) were still monsters. (LOL) Nah but a few parasytes started to become like humans though. The anime was trying to picture how humans can be monsters in spite of monsters. This one character kind of portrayed that. I don’t really understand what he was supposed to be, but he worked with the detective in attempt to eradicated these parasytes. It was only after one of his fellow detectives died was when the detective got the motivation to take this case seriously. Anyways, this soldier-like character was supposed to eliminate parasytes only like the others. One thing led to another and he ended up killing normal humans in the mix. His last motive was to shoot anything that moves. He couldn’t trust his instincts anymore. If it was to protect more humans, some unfortunate humans had to go. A lot of the others kind of obeyed his orders too.

I liked this Mayor character that was revealed in towards the end. All of us, even the main character, thought that the Mayor was a parasyte. It would have been easy to take in if that was the case. But that wasn’t the case. It was revealed that the mayor was not only just involved in the parasyte organization biz, he was human. Like a real, flesh, Homosapien. He kept preaching about humans and parasytes and how they should coexist. And that he didn’t like humans for their non-humanly actions. Especially when the soldiers killed him at the spot. They didn’t care for what he had to say, similar to how the didn’t care for what the parasytes had to say. (which is a valid reason considering they are dangerous. Yet, I’m just making a comparison).

There’s also this one character that completely conveyed the message that the monsters and humans were no different. I really despised him. He was meant to be in jail. No matter the circumstances.


tumblr_njmi1nkpIw1tw9r1lo1_500 Uragami was one of my least favorite characters. And like many characters, I didn’t really care about him much to remember his name. I had to search it up on Wiki. Anyways, Uragami has a special ability to sense parasyte in humans like Kana. Except it is a little different than Kana’s. Kana just has a magical ability, but Uragami has a reason why he can sense parasytes. Uragami was a bad man. He enjoyed killing people. He’s what people would call a “monster” if it weren’t for his homosapien, flesh-like being. Uragami was brought of jail to work with the detectives (or similar) to observe people to sense parasytal behavior in them. There is even a mini story to him that explains why he’s in jail (and how he learned parasyte behavior). I don’t even need to go into too much detail. He was a killer, and one day he was observing a women who was with a parasyte and then he followed them and that parastye killed the women. When the cops got there they accused him of killing her and he was sent to prison. (Or perhaps it was the other way around? I don’t really know to be honest. He mostly observed women because he liked the weak nature in women to take advantage of them and kill them. So perhaps the women was the parasyte? All I knew for sure was that someone died). Honestly he deserved that. The amount of people he killed cannot amount to the punishment he was given anyways.


I even gave into the idea that they were put on the earth to eliminate humans. Reiko kind of talked about that in a few of her scenes. I started to believe that notion too. Maybe they thought that the universe was tired of humans so they were dropped on the earth to extinct the human race. It kind of reminds me of Freezing. A lot of animes like to talk about the extinction of the human race. They didn’t really continue this thought though. Just ended with parasytes losing. Nothing with a balance between parastyes and humans or the understanding of parasytes. Parasytes were just monsters, I guess. That’s why I feel that the story/plot could do just a little more to expand this.



In conclusion, I give this anime a 8.5.

9/10 characters. (Kana kinda ruined it lol)

10/10 character development

8/10 plot (sometimes the plot didn’t make sense a little. Like they were rushing things)

10/10 art

10/10 relevancy (Unlike masamune kun that never actually showed a revenge at all!)

10/10 ending.

Oh, boy! The ending hit me in the feels. You’ll know what I mean once you watch the anime. [Hint] Migi leaves Shinichi.. 😥


Hope you enjoyed this review. Tootles ~ ❤



Reviewing: Killing Stalking (Isn’t just about a Yaoi)

Honestly, I’m a very dark person right now. All my interests are a bit mature and psychological when it comes to anime. It doesn’t only stop there. I also get intrigued by horror and just plain dark anime as well. I read a lot of yaoi manga so I know which way those types of manga range from. However, KILLING STALKING isn’t only about yaoi.

[warning… some spoilers ahead so if you haven’t yet read the manhwa, start reading it if you don’t like spoilers.]

Now here me out, I just wanted to say I appreciate the author who created it and that they are a genius. The manhwa kind of depicts a story at the beginning about a stalker (Yoonbum) who fell in love with a killer (Sangwoo). You can see where the title gets its name. Although, it is very important to note that Yoonbum did not know that Sangwoo was a killer at this time. For all he was concerned, it’s just a good looking man who he owes his thanks to.


Killing-Stalking-Icon-killing-stalking-40315613-683-681-2-777Yoonbum is a cinnamon roll…. until you add in the stalker and mental issues to his character. He then kind of comes off as a little creepy. I gotta excuse him though. He had an abusive/rapist of an uncle. Besides that, I still like his character. He is timid, weak, and shy. It’s perfect for a main character (IN YAOI LOL!). I felt for him so many times. Everything about him is sad and failure, and that is very realistic (except for the stalking part). I waited so bad for the time Yoonbum can get away from Sangwoo, yet as usually, that did not become the case. As a default, [SPOILER] they end up becoming a couple.



Ah, Sangwoo. Yeah, I don’t really like him all that much. He was a decent character but I don’t really like him. Of course for the obvious reason: he’s a killer. It’s not only that though. Deeper into the story you come to understand how really mental this man is. The manhwa tries so hard to sway your opinion of him. The fact of the matter is, this man is a sociopath. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. You’ll be scared of him from the beginning of the story to to the end of season 2. In season 3 his character finally gets some growth and explaining. I really liked learning about his past and what his parents are like. It’s very important for parents to raise their children right. Mental parents creates mental children.


There are multiple parts in the manhwa where they kind of tell you how and why Yoonbum started to like Sangwoo. It was in the military where Yoonbum was being attacked and almost raped, is where Sangwoo kinda saved him. I don’t think Sangwoo really meant to save him though. In my opinion, it was just a situation that was created that Sangwoo did some sort of action at that particular time. That however does not affect Yoonbum’s feelings at the slightest. Sangwoo is still an angel to him at this point.


At the beginning it was pretty gory and scary because Sangwoo turned out to be some sort of sociopath. But then again we cannot say Yoonbum isn’t a saint either. He broke into his house after stalking him and learning his house key. So in Sangwoo’s defense it’s self defense. It kind of got to point in the manhwa where things kind of changed. At first I thought Sangwoo was straight but I found it really odd that he would date women and kill them afterwords. It wasn’t until I kind of understood why he had some weird distaste for women. I originally thought he was a sociopath and just hated women and loved to kill them. I’ll get onto that a bit later.

Anyways,  to connect from earlier, Sangwoo ended up kidnapping Yoonbum. It was so peculiar. He broke his legs and temporarily disabled him. This was when Sangwoo found him in his basement.


Moving on, the story got really depressing and the more it did, the more I wanted to read it. There were so many occasions where there were women and men who would become dead after Sangwoo brought them home. It was to a point where I really wanted Sangwoo to just be caught already. Throughout the whole first season of the Manhwa it was just Sangwoo killing, looking crazy, and Yoonbum, kidnapped, forced to do chores and stay inside. Of course Yoonbum wanted to get out at first. I don’t think anyone wants to be kidnapped. Even if the kidnapper was someone they liked. So, Yoonbum tried his best to escape. And I was here for it. I wanted Yoonbum to get away as soon as possible. Personally me I usually connect myself to characters to understand a story/or show better so you can sort of understanding where I’m coming from with this.

Unfortunately, Yoonbum caught stockholm syndrome and gave up on leaving Sangwoo. During this time I found a new interest in a another character that was introduced earlier.



Seungbae became my favorite character. He was always trying to find a way to capture Sangwoo. Season 2 was just for this. I yearned so bad for Seungbae to get Sangwoo. It was so earnest to the point that I didn’t mind that Seungbae tried to frame Sangwoo. After all, Seungbae had good reasons to arrest him. I wanted to know more about Seungbae after finishing season 1 and 2. I was a bit sad when they didn’t really talk about Seungbae in season 3 that much. What hit me more was that Seungbae too became delusional and insane (or sick). I deeply understand his feelings too. If you read the manhwa you’ll kind of understand what caused his depression and lost in life.

I somewhat have some conflicting feelings about Yoonbum because [SPOILER] Yoonbum ends up killing someone under the guise and pressure of Sangwoo. Then again, it was under duress. Yoonbum could have still made a defense under duress saying that Yoonbum coerced in into killing her (Jieun). Actually, in second thought I think Yoonbum has another defense of going in insane. It was completely different than what I’m used too. Sangwoo has the ability to make Yoonbum kill for him by delving deep into his consciousness. (There is another occasion where Yoonbum kills some one but that one was more of an accident. You could say they(Yoonbum and Sangwoo) killed “him” together.


2dd48fedb4e54d5139fc083bd496dbabJiuen was one of my least favorite characters. She was annoying. Usually in any form of show, anime, manga, or book I don’t really like female characters who are bratty, pretentious, obnoxious and outright rude. And honestly it was hard for me to feel sorry for her. I was trying so hard to feel bad for her but she kept giving me reasons to dislike her. She kind of acted like the girl in Yoonbum’s story of when he was in highschool. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she deserves to be dead. I think people should live no matter how awkward they are with the exception of evil, predator, or murderer. That was pretty much what gave me faith to feel sorry for her character. After that, she pretty much got herself into that mess.

Anyways back to the title of this blog. I this manhwa for me felt so much more of a psychological horror type of manhwa than a yaoi. In fact, when I first heard about Killing Stalking, I wanted to avoid it. I thought it was some dark yaoi and I wasn’t into that stuff. My friend recommended it to me so many times and I just avoided it at all costs. But it was actually because of a video I watched from MistyChronexia that I decided to read this manhwa. The video was on types of illnesses or something of that sort in Anime. And he listed this explaining how a character had Lima syndrome. Which is Sangwoo. At first I didn’t understand how could Sangwoo possibly have Lima syndrome. It eventually became clear after understanding that Yoonbum has stockholm syndrome. Sangwoo ended up having actual feelings for Yoonbum. Season 3 is all about that. It showed their relationship and how their relationship kind of progressed. At first, I was prepared for Sangwoo to do a 360 on Yoonbum. I was waiting for a moment to see that Sangwoo would go completely psycho on him again like in season 2. Yet, that is not the case. He seemed to have genuinely wanted to go out with him and I see a shift in Sangwoo’s character. I’m still a bit skeptical because I believe that Sangwoo is still evil, but I sorta have conflicting feelings about him. Later in season 3 we kind of get a glimpse of Sangwoo’s life when he was young and how his mother and father were like. Before season 3 we only get incite on Sangwoo’s father, where he is abusive and demanding. You know, same old stuff pscho people usually have.  However, it kinda changes in season 3. So this is where I kind of understand why Sangwoo is not a pyschopath but instead a sociopath. He wasn’t really born a pyschopath he turned into a sociopath. Usually people who at first seemed really good and then had a sudden turn in their life where they change and just switch to a pscho (Usually killer) this would be sociopath.

[For my information on the differences between Sociopath, Psychopath, and Narcissists watch this video

I want to talk a little bit about Sangwoo’s Mom before I wrap this blog up. When I first learned about Sangwoo’s mother, I sympathized her. She seemed so nice and motherly. I thought Sangwoo loved his mother as well. It was sweet and dandy only to find that there is a huge twist! I was shocked. I never really understood the dangers of a narcissistic mother. In fact, I didn’t really understand much about those at all. Luckily I had prior research before reading this part and I began to really get why Sangwoo is the way he is.



I started to dislike this women. She was the epitome of all women who are bad. She was a mother but also a slag at the same time. I don’t know if she was the cause for Sangwoo’s father’s abusive nature, but I will connect it. Frankly, Sangwoo did not have a good childhood. There was too much crazy going on. It started off with his mom being crazy, but then progressed into his father becoming crazy. I originally thought that Sangwoo hated his father. Later we found out that Sangwoo did not hate his father. He just did not want to become like his father as he pretty much mentions in chapter 54. At this point I finally can connect to Sangwoo’s odd obsession with killing women and perhaps being gay as well. I also find a connection to some of his behavior as well. I begin to realize why he did some of his actions much earlier in the story. His mother was 80% of the root to his misery. When you read the manhwa you’ll get a good idea of what I’m talking about.

On the topic of parents let’s finish this blog with Yoonbum’s Uncle.



Yoonbum’s uncle is another character I despise the most. Although way after Jiuen and Sangwoo’s mother of course. He’s a very unpleasant person. He’s your typical creepy and unneeded uncle. Remember when I mentioned that there should be an exception to someone who doesn’t deserve to die? Well, (although I don’t condone killing) he’s a perfect exception. I felt so much for Yoonbum and I was hoping that at one point of the story Yoonbum would get his revenge. It was also weird watching Yoonbum tell his story to Sangwoo. Sangwoo seemed so disinterested and disconnected. But later on it is revealed that Sangwoo did not forget that. The only good thing I like about Sangwoo is that he loves revenge. So not just for himself but for Yoonbum too. It’s a little cute if you don’t think too deeply on it.



In conclusion, I love this manhwa and I’m here for it until the end. I haven’t yet decided to drop it and I wont. (I mean, I never decided to drop “This doesn’t feel like me” yet so I think this is beyond that at this point. That’s going to be another story for another time. Oh the pain I get from reading these).


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Thank you! ❤

–  Sunny